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Designed with the stylish and fashionably savvy woman in mind, Analili apparel features bold, fun, and colorful prints and designs often inspired by the culture and art of past eras. The company is based in Miami, Florida and its line of dresses, tops, skirts, and pants feature comfortable textiles and forgiving silhouettes that are sexy yet classy, and fit a variety of body types.


Brighton jewelry and accessories

Camilyn Beth


Camilyn Beth Leavitt launched her first Camilyn Beth collection in Fall/Winter of 2014. Her designs are feminine and versatile while adding a modern twist on classic styles. With the inspirational quotes sewn into each piece, you are sure to feel your best and most confident while wearing her dresses! Made in the USA!


Commando “Invisible” Underwear While you may never need to “Be Runway Ready,” when top designers send their latest collections down the runway, it's commando that goes underneath. Commando's flawless fit and invisible edges flatter their fashions and keep models looking marvelous.We love the luxury fabrics and how these functional undergarments eliminate fashion faux pas while working their magic "behind the scenes." Commando has truly covered all of the bases in its "better than nothing" fashions, from bottoms and tops to slips and shapewear. Pretty soon, you'll wonder how you ever got dressed without going commando.

Crosby by Mollie Burch

CROSBY by Mollie Burch is a women's clothing line distinguished by abstract prints, bold colors, and feminine silhouettes. With a variety of tops and dresses, these featured items are full of vibrant colors, bold designs, and styled for any body type. 

Duffield Lane

Officially launched in 2014, Duffield Lane embodies the classic aesthetic of its founder Jamie Loeks Duffield. A lifetime spent on and around the water, from Lake Michigan, to Long Island Sound, the Potomac, to Biscayne Bay, Jamie has lived on some of America’s best waterfront playgrounds. Each of the places have influenced the style of Duffield Lane resulting in a line of women’s clothing that is classic, timeless and comfortable with a nautical twist.

Escapada Living

Escapada Living was created in 2009 by Natalia Castillo in Charleston, SC who had one goal in mind, to inspire happiness through a timeless brand. With the easy, breezy feeling of vacations, Escapada’s happy prints never go out of style, and Escapada’s silhouettes are cut to fit women of all ages. The wash and wear line has the look and feel of luxury at reasonable prices.

Gretchen Scott

Gretchen Scott believes that knowledge of what exists along with a wide open view of it is what makes for great design. That philosophy shows in her playful patterns. Ther tops, bottoms, dresses and resort wear all feature flattering silhouettes that will make you look great no matter what the occasion!

Jude Connally

The Jude Connally fashion line was founded in 2010 based on Jude's belief that "beauty is not about the dress; it's about the woman." Her comfortable, yet stylish, dresses have lively prints on soft silhouettes that radiate sophistication to help every woman feel effortlessly beautiful. You'll feel as though you're walking on sunshine while wearing Jude's pieces!

Julie Brown NYC

Based in New York, Designer Julie Brown is known for her vibrant colors, lush fabrics, and eye-catching patterns portrayed throughout her animated lifestyle collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories designed for special occasions.
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